Nay, The Future Of Healthcare

Care for your loved ones with support from AI

Nay brings you personalized and affordable healthcare.
We are an AI-driven healthcare platform to provide just-in-time personalized guidance and required medical help to all. Expectant mothers and seniors are going to be benefitted first with the launch of our Perinatal Care and Geriatric Care solutions. We empower you to change your outlook toward healthcare by providing you assurance, comfort, better outcomes, and lower costs.

Welcome to the future of healthcare from the people who care!

A care-oriented comprehensive ecosystem

Taking Care 24x7

Find help from a large team of experts and the people you trust, anytime anywhere.

SOS Cost Cover

We are trying to de-link commercial considerations from life-saving emergencies.

Elder Care

Nay adds dignity to the aged with a kind of healthcare where love and empathy precede medicines.

Doctor Visits

Nay takes care of your medical need, even when it’s an in-person consultation with a specialist.

Empowering Doctors

Doctors get just-in-time insights to make informed decisions, reducing the probability of errors.

No More Waiting Room

Our intelligent schedulers consider patient conditions, travel time, and other factors to save time for all.

Continual Review

A detailed analysis follows every action, clinical or otherwise, under Nay, to refine future actions.

Comprehensive Care

Anything to do with human health, corrective or preventive, gets covered with Nay Healthcare AI.