Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

This webpage elaborates the “Terms of Use” and the “Privacy Policy” associated with this website. A visitor needs to understand all the points narrated hereunder and agree with them before referring to the website.

Terms of Use

This website is a property of the Nay healthcare venture. Hereafter, the venture name may be referred to as “Nay” or “Nay.AI”, interchangeably, for ease of reference. Visitors to this website, which is hosted under the domain name Nay.AI or any of its subdomains, need to accept that all the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information only and may not be most up-to-date or error-free. Anyone who cannot accept the terms and conditions in the right spirit may kindly refrain from accessing this website. Use of this website, blog, or mentioned products and services does not constitute any right or license for anyone to use the content, including the images and videos, service marks or trademarks, without the prior written permission from the Nay.AI venture. The views expressed at, or through, the blog portion of the site are those of the authors writing in their individual capacities only. All liability relating to actions based on the contents of this site is hereby expressly disclaimed.

The website intends to illuminate its visitors with information about technologies, primarily that are related to the fields of healthcare and may commonly be referred to as Healthcare Technologies, HealthTech, Healthcare AI, Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare etc., around this domain. The sole purpose of this website is not limited to describing the capabilities and services of Nay.AI but to create a context around the possibilities, current and futuristic, of these technologies and services. The images used on this website are meant for illustration purposes only and need not depict a real-world scenario. If a visitor is not agreeable with these terms of use (TOS), for whatsoever reason, they may kindly discontinue referring to any part of this website for whatsoever purpose.

Nay intends to abide by every law of the land, wherever it conducts any business. In case it is a cross-border business, wherein the customer and the provider of the products or services, which is Nay, are based out of different countries, both the parties stand responsible for complying with the regulations and laws of both these counties, including, but not limited to, GDPR, CCPA and CalOPPA, as applicable. The policies in Nay are made with good intentions and efforts toward serving the cause of fellow humans across the planet. If visitors find any gap or weakness in this Terms of Use and various related policies, they may kindly help Nay by writing to adm@nay.ai explaining the defect. Before entering into any contract with Nay, users must protect their interests by verifying every term and policy affecting the relationship.

This website contains links to a few third-party websites for reference of the visitors; Nay.AI does not endorse any content of any third-party sites. This website may be updated from time to time; thus, the information provided herein is expected to evolve, or maybe completely changed, without any notice to its visitors. Use of this website, blog, mentioned products and services, or any other content, does not constitute any right or license for anyone to use the content, be it text, images or videos. The other sites may have different privacy policies and terms; visitors should follow their Terms of Use /Service while visiting them. If any further information is required, a user may click on the “Enquire” button alongside the content at different places or email at adm@nay.ai.

This website uses royalty-free stock images /videos from www.pexels.com and www.pixabay.com. Nay.AI does not hold any copyright on such free-to-use content. If any third-party copyright-protected content gets accidentally uploaded onto this site, it will be immediately taken off on detection.

Privacy Policy

Nay respects the privacy of the visitors of this site and is committed to protecting their privacy. This website is accessible over a secured connection that implements high-quality encryption methodologies and other global best practices in the context of information security to protect its visitors. The site, technically and legally, prohibits copy of any data or content, including but not limited to the personal information of any user. Any visitor intending to refer to any of the content of this website beyond accessing it online may suitably contact Nay explaining the need. The content of this site, including the links, have been checked to be free from viruses or any phishing mechanisms at the time of deployment. All arrangements in context to every aspect of this website have been made in good faith on fair use expectations. Given the constant evolution of newer threats, Nay is not in a position to guarantee against any misuse or breach of security beyond its best intents.



What all information Nay might collect through this website?

Personal information of the visitors

This website collects its visitor’s personal information such as name, contact information, address, password, payment information, and social media information.

Nay collects personal information that visitors of this website voluntarily provide for any sort of registration at this website, any other linked websites, apps directly or indirectly related to this website, while expressing interests in obtaining information about Nay, its products and services, or any other matter concerning this website or the technologies Nay might deal in. Visitors also provide such data while participating in activities such as posting messages in related online forums or entering competitions, contests or giveaways like downloads, or otherwise contacting Nay or any of its officials through the means of emails, voice messages or in person.

The collected personal information depends on the context of the visitor’s interactions with Nay, its websites or apps, the choices one makes, the products and features one uses, and the information one might intend to gather. The personal information Nay collects may include the following:

Name and Contact Data: First and last name, email address, postal address, phone number, and other similar contact data.

Credentials: Credentials like passwords, password hints, and similar security information used for authentication and account access.

Payment Data: Data necessary to process any payment if one makes any purchase, such as payment instrument number, like cheque number or credit/debit card number, and any security code associated with the payment instrument to process the payment. All payment data, if at all stored, is stored by a secured payment processor, and a user should review its privacy policies and appreciate the quantum of its risk, if at all it exists, and own it.

Social Media Login Data: When provided with an option to register using social media account details, like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, or any other social media account, Nay might collect the relevant information described in the section called “Social Logins”. Visitors may also benevolently provide data related to their social media logins to Nay through registration forms and survey forms. All personal information that a visitor provides to Nay must be complete and accurate; if any changes to such personal data, a registered visitor/user must notify Nay accordingly.


Information automatically collected

Some information related to the users’ device or connection, such as IP address, MAC address, IMEI number, and/or browser and device characteristics, may automatically get collected when they visit this website or other related websites

The websites related to Nay might automatically collect certain information when someone visits, uses or navigates the sites. This set of information does not reveal a user’s social identities like name and contact information. But, it may include other information, such as IP address, MAC address, IMEI number, browser details, operating system, language preferences, device details, country, location, information about how and when a user uses the site and other technical details. Such information is primarily used to maintain the security and operation of the sites and for various analytics and reporting purposes. Nay may also collect information through cookies and similar technologies.


Information collected through apps

Nay may collect information regarding its users’ geo-location, mobile device, push notifications etc., with due permissions from the users when they install or use any of the apps from Nay.ai.

When someone uses any apps related to Nay, it may also collect the following information:

Geo-Location Information: It may request access or permission to track location-based information from the user’s mobile device, either continuously or while using the mobile application. A user may change the app’s access to such information by changing permissions in the device’s settings, post which the mobile application may not function as before.

Mobile Device Access: The application may request access or permission to manipulate certain features from the mobile device, including the device’s Bluetooth, calendar, camera, contacts, microphone, reminders, sensors, SMS messages, social media accounts, storage, and any other features. A user may withdraw permissions to access the features in the device’s settings; post such withdrawal of consents, the mobile application may not function as before.

Mobile Device Data: The mobile application may automatically collect device information such as model and manufacturer, version information, IMEI number, operating system and IP address.

Push Notifications: The app might request a user to enable push notifications concerning the account or the mobile application. Users willing to opt out from receiving these types of communications may do so by turning these permissions off.

Social Media Permissions: Whenever permitted, the mobile applications by default access a user’s social media account information, including name, email, gender, birthday, current city, profile picture URL, and other information that one chooses to make public. The app may also need access to additional permissions related to one’s social media account, such as friends, check-ins, and likes; the user enjoys the rights to grant or deny such access by altering the permissions. For example, more information regarding Facebook permissions may be obtained at the Facebook permissions reference page.


Information collected from other sources

Nay may collect limited data from public databases, marketing partners, social media platforms, and other outside sources to expand its visitor base or other reasons.

Nay may obtain information about people, often its target customers, from other sources like public databases, social media platforms and other third parties. Examples of the information gathered from outside sources include social media profile information like name, gender, birthday, email, current city, state and country, contacts, corporate stature, decision making roles, profile picture URL and any other information that may be ethically available from third-party sources.


How does Nay use the information?

Nay processes the collected information for purposes based on legitimate business interests, fulfilling any contract with its users, and compliance with statutory or legal obligations.

Nay uses personal information collected for a variety of business purposes described hereunder. It processes personal information of its visitors, target customers, and users with its legitimate business interests to enter into or perform a contractual obligation and for statutory or legal compliance. It indicates the specific processing grounds and relies on each purpose as listed below.



Nay uses the information it collects or receives:

To facilitate account creation and logon process: When a user chooses to link their account with Nay to a third-party account such as LinkedIn, Google or Facebook account, Nay uses the information collected from those third parties to facilitate account creation and logon process.

To send marketing and promotional communications: Nay and/or its partners may use the personal information for marketing purposes when permitted by a user. A user can choose to opt-out of the mailing lists for such marketing emails at any time.

To send administrative information to a user: Nay may use personal information to send its users information regarding a product, service, new feature, or information about changes to its terms and conditions or policies.

Fulfil and manage orders: Nay may use the personal information of its users to fulfil and manage their orders, payments, returns, and exchanges.

To post testimonials: Nay posts testimonials on its websites and other marketing or technical collateral that may contain some user’s personal information. If a user wishes to update or withdraw their testimonial, they may send an email to the Nay representative they are in contact with, along with a copy to adm@nay.ai, with details of the publication of the testimonial and recommended change and be sure of the actions at the earliest.

To deliver targeted advertising to a user: Nay may use the information to develop and display content and advertising tailored to specific interests or locations of a smaller group of people and measure its effectiveness.

To administer contests and downloads: Nay may use the information to administer contests, quizzes, and downloads from its sites.

To request feedback: Nay may use the information to request feedback against its products, services or activities.

To protect its sites: Nay may use the information as part of its efforts to keep its sites safe and secure.

To enable user-to-user communications: Nay may use the information to facilitate user-to-user communications, like threaded discussions, group activities etc.

To enforce its terms, conditions and policies: Nay may use the information for business or legal reasons.

To respond to legal requests and prevent harm: In case Nay receives a subpoena or some other request relating to law or compliance, it may need to inspect the data it holds to determine its response to such requests.

For other purposes: Nay may use the information for other business purposes, like data analytics, determining its campaigns’ effectiveness, evaluating and improving its websites, products, services, and user experiences.


Sharing of collected information

Nay may share any personal information of its users or visitors only to comply with laws, protect its users’ rights, or fulfil business obligations.

Nay only shares and discloses personal information of people in the following situations:

Compliance with laws: Nay may disclose personal information of people where it is legally required to comply with applicable law, judicial proceedings, governmental requests etc.

Vital interests and legal rights: Nay may disclose personal information of people where it believes to be necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding potential violations of its policies, potential threats to the safety of any person, suspected frauds and illegal activities, or as evidence in litigation where such information may be sought.

Vendors, consultants and other third-party service providers: Nay may share the collected data with somethird-party service providers who perform services for it or on its behalf and require access to such information for an intended purpose. For example, a vendor or partner of Nay may need the data for processing payments, email delivery, customer service, data analysis and marketing campaigns. Nay may allow selected third parties to use tracking technology on the sites, which will enable them to collect data about how users interact with its websites or mobile applications. This information may be primarily used to analyze and track data, determine the popularity of certain content and better understand online activity. Unless described in this Policy, Nay does not share, sell, rent or trade any personal information of its users with third parties for their promotional purposes.

Merger, acquisitions and business transfers: Nay may share or transfer the accumulated personal information in connection with any merger and acquisitions, sale of company assets, restructuring the company or sale of a portion of its business to another company.

Third-party advertisers: Nay may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when users visit its sites or mobile apps. These companies may use information about a user’s visits to the target websites or install apps using web cookies and other tracking methodologies to provide advertisements about goods and services.

Affiliates: Nay may share the accumulated information with some of its affiliates in strict adherence to this privacy policy. Affiliates, in this case, may include its subsidiaries, joint venture partners or other companies that Nay controls or that are under common control of the same management

Business partners: Nay may share the information with its business partners to offer users products and services from Nay.

With the user’s consent: Nay may disclose the personal information for any other purpose with prior permission from the person.

Other users: When a user shares personal information, say, by posting comments, writing blogs or other contributions to the sites, or otherwise interact with public areas of the sites or the mobile apps, these information may be viewed by all users and may be publicly distributed outside the site and the apps in perpetuity. If a user interacts with other users through a third-party social networking site, personal information like name and profile photo may appear alongside content from Nay.

Offer Wall: Apps from Nay may include a third-party hosted “offer wall” for third-party advertisers to offer some benefits as an advertisement strategy. These may appear in the mobile application and may be displayed to a user based on certain data, such as geographic area or demographic information. When a user clicks on an offer wall, they will leave the mobile application. A unique identifier, such as User ID, will be shared with the offer wall provider in order to prevent fraud and appropriately credit the user’s account.


Does Nay use cookies and other tracking technologies?

Nay may use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect and store any information.

Nay may use cookies and similar tracking technologies (like web beacons and pixels) to access or store information. Specific information about how Nay uses such technologies and how a user can refuse certain cookies is set out in its cookies settings and permissions whenever applicable.


Does Nay use google maps?

Nay may use Google Maps to provide better service, as and when required.

This website, mobile application, or Facebook application may use Google Maps APIs as and when required. A user may wish to visit the Google Maps APIs terms of service or refer to Google’s privacy policy to better understand it. By using its Maps API implementation, a user agrees to abide by Google’s Terms of Service. By using the Google Maps APIs, a user agrees to allow Nay to gain access to information about the user, including personally identifiable information, such as username, and non-personally identifiable information, such as location. By using the websites or the apps mentioned earlier, users allow Nay to obtain or cache their locations and obtain personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information related to them. A user may revoke their consent at any time. Nay reserves the right to use these information in conjunction with data from other sources.

The Maps APIs that Nay may use storage and accesses cookies and other information on the user’s devices. If a user is currently in the European Union, they are advised to kindly look at the EU User Consent Policy.


How does Nay handle user’s social logins?

If a user chooses to register or log in to the websites using a social media account, Nay may have access to certain information about the user.

The websites offer users the ability to register, and log in using their third party social media account details, as in their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Twitter logins. Where a user chooses to do this, Nay will receive certain profile information about the user from their social media provider. The profile information Nay receives may vary depending on the social media provider concerned but will often include name, email address, friends list, profile picture as well as other information a user chooses to make public. If a user logs in using Facebook, Nay may also request access to other permissions related to their accounts, such as friends, check-ins, and likes, and the user may choose to grant or deny access to each individual permission.

Nay will use the information it receives only for the purposes described in this privacy policy or otherwise made clear to a user on the websites. Please note that Nay does not control, and is not responsible for, other uses of personal information by the third-party social media provider. Nay recommends that users review their privacy policy to understand how they collect, use, and share their personal information and how they can set their privacy preferences on their sites and apps.


Can user information be transferred internationally?

Nay may transfer, store, and process all information of users in countries other than their own.

The cloud servers that Nay use can be located anywhere in the world. The same content may even exist in multiple copies in multiple servers to reduce latency in different geographies. When a user from any country is accessing the sites, then all information may be transferred to, stored, and processed by Nay in its facilities and by third parties with whom it may share the user’s personal information in that country from where the user is accessing the site or any other countries. If a user is a resident in countries that do not have data protection or other laws as comprehensive as those of the EU, they may not be legally protected from losing personal data. However, Nay will take all necessary measures to protect its users’ personal information according to this privacy policy and applicable law.

European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses: Nay strictly follows European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses for transfer of personal information between its group companies and between it and its third-party associates, which require all recipients of such personal information to protect the information that they process from the EEA, following European data protection laws. Nay may share the Standard Contractual Clauses upon request in case of genuine needs. Nay has implemented similar appropriate safeguards with its third-party service providers and partners, and further details can be provided upon request.


EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework: In particular, Nay abides by the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce in context to the collection, useage, and retention of any personal information that transfers from the EU to USA and has certified its compliance with it. As such, it is committed to subjecting all personal information received from the EU member countries, in compliance with the Privacy Shield Framework and its applicable Principles. A user may visit the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield List and learn more about the Privacy Shield Framework.

Nay stands responsible for processing the personal information of its users, under the Privacy Shield Framework, subsequently which transfers to a third party acting as an agent on its behalf. With respect to any personal information received or transferred pursuant to the Privacy Shield Framework, uder the regulatory powers of the U.S. FTC. At times it may be required to disclose personal information in response to requests by government authorities, including requests concerning national security.


Binding Corporate Rules: These are a set of Binding Corporate Rules, or BCRs, established and implemented by Nay. Its BCRs have been recognized by EEA data protection authorities as providing an adequate level of protection to the personal information Nay processes internationally. Whenever needed, the BCRs can be shared with a user upon request.


What is the stance of Nay on third-party websites?

Nay is not responsible for the safety of any information that a user shares with any third-party providers who advertise on Nay platforms but are not affiliated with it.

The websites may contain advertisements from third parties that are not affiliated with it and may link other websites, online services or mobile applications. Nay cannot guarantee the safety and privacy of data a user provides to any third party. Any data collection by a third party is not covered by this privacy policy. Nay is not responsible for the content, privacy, policies and security practices of any third-party, including other websites or applications that may be have links with the sites. A user should review the policies of such third parties and contact them directly to clarify all their issues.


How long does Nay keep user information?

Nay will keep the personal information of users for as long as it is required for compliance or permitted by law.

Nay will only keep the personal information of users for as long as it is necessary for any function related to the user, like log in; thereafter as long as it is required for compliance or permitted by law. As of now, Nay does not require to keep its users’ personal information for longer than seven years after the termination of a user account.

When Nay does not have any ongoing legitimate business need to process its users’ personal information, it may either delete or anonymize the information, or, if that is not possible, Nay will securely store those information in archieves without any further processing.


How does Nay keep a user’s personal information safe?

Nay aims to protect a user’s personal information through a system of organizational and technical security measures.

Nay has implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures designed to protect the security of any personal information. However, a user should also remember that Nay cannot guarantee that the internet itself is 100% secure. Although Nay will do its best to protect all personal information of its users, the transmission of such information to and from its sites is at the user’s own risk. A user should only access the services within a secure environment.


Does Nay collect information from minors?

Nay does not knowingly collect data from nor markets itself to children under 18 years of age.

Nay does not knowingly solicit data from children under 18 years of age. By using the websites, a user represents that they are at least 18 or that they are the parents or guardian of such a minor and consent to the minor’s use of the site and app. If Nay learns that personal information from users less than 18 years of age has been collected, then it will deactivate the account and take reasonable measures to promptly delete such data from its records. If a user becomes aware that Nay has collected any data from children less than 18, then please contact them at adm@nay.ai.


What are the privacy rights of a user?

In countries like the ones in the European Economic Area, users have rights that allow them larger access and control over their personal information. A user may review, change, or terminate their account at any time.

In countries like the ones in the European Economic Area, a user has certain rights, which include:

  • right to request, access and obtain details of their personal information;
  • right to request rectification or erasure;
  • right to restrict the processing of one’s personal information; and
  • right to data portability, if applicable.

In certain circumstances, a user may also have the right to object to the processing of their personal information. In such cases, a user should write to adm@nay.ai to make a request with all necessary details. Nay will consider and act upon any request in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

If Nay is relying on the user’s consent to process their personal information, then the user can withdraw their consent at any time. However, that will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before its withdrawal.

If a user is a resident in the European Economic Area and believes that Nay is unlawfully processing their personal information, then the user also has the right to complain to the local data protection supervisory authority. The user can find their contact details at http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/bodies/authorities/index_en.htm

Account Information Of Users

A user may at any time review or change the information in their account, or can also terminate their account by:

Logging onto their account settings and updating the account or contacting Nay through email at adm@nay.ai. Upon a request from the user to terminate their account, Nay will deactivate or delete the account and all information from its active databases. However, some information may be retained in its files to prevent fraud, troubleshoot problems, assist with any investigations, enforce its Terms of Use and/or comply with legal requirements.

Cookies and similar technologies: Web browsers usually accept cookies by default. If users prefer, they can usually choose to set their browser to remove cookies and reject cookies. If a user decides to remove or reject cookies, it could affect certain features or services of the websites. To check the status of one’s browser, a user may visit the aboutads.info site.

Opting out of email marketing: A user can unsubscribe from the marketing email database of Nay simply by the Unsubscribe link in the emails that Nay send or by contacting Nay using the details provided below. The user will then be removed from the marketing email list. However, Nay will still need to send the user service-related emails necessary for the administration and use of their account.

A user can also opt-out by noting their preferences at the time when a user registers their account with the websites. Logging into their account settings and updating their preferences or Contacting Nay at adm@nay.ai.

Do California residents have specific privacy rights?

If a user is a resident of California, they are granted specific rights regarding access to their personal information.

California Civil Code permits residents of California to request and obtain information about categories of personal information, if any, Nay has disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes and the details of all third parties with whom Nay has shared their personal information in the immediately preceding calendar year, once a year and free of charge. If a user is a Californian resident and would like to make such a request, they should submit their request in writing to Nay using the contact information provided below.

Suppose a user is under 18 years of age, residing in California, and has a registered account with the Websites, Facebook or the Mobile Applications. In that case, the user has the right to request the removal of unwanted data that they may have publicly posted on the Websites, Facebook or the Mobile Applications. To request the removal of such data, the user would need to contact Nay over email mentioning all details. Nay will ensure the data is not publicly displayed on the Websites, Facebook or the Mobile Applications, but still the data may not be comprehensively removed from all its systems.


Can Nay make updates to this policy?

Nay might update this policy as and when necessary to stay compliant with relevant laws.

Nay might update this privacy policy from time to time; the updated version will be effective as soon as it is accessible. Nay encourages users to review this privacy policy frequently to be informed of how it protects all user information.


How can a user contact Nay about this policy?

If any user has questions or comments about this policy, they may email to adm@nay.ai elaborating their questions or comments in detail.

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